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What controls the driving voltage of the ultrasonic scalpel?

Time:2020-09-10 08:41:09

The scalpel model in neurosurgery is studied. Based on the VTK platform, the scalpel of the operating table is dynamically displayed in three dimensions, and all the codes are written in C# language. The dynamic 3D reconstruction display function realized by this method is powerful and flexible.

It has the advantages of clear and simple steps, good effect and fast speed. It can be widely used in the three-dimensional reconstruction of cranial nerve surgery navigation system, which is of great significance to the development of cranial neurosurgery navigation system. Because it is more suitable for the occasions that need to control less bleeding, less trauma, and easy to treat soft tissues, it is widely used. The working frequency of the ultrasonic scalpel will vary with the emulsified tissue during use. If it can't work at the resonance frequency, most of the energy will be consumed in the internal heating, which will cause difficulties in the treatment process, and will also cause the scalpel to be damaged due to excessive temperature. The driving voltage of the ultrasonic scalpel is provided by the ultrasonic power supply. Only by adjusting the frequency of the ultrasonic power supply in time, can the vibration system keep working in the resonance state. At this time, the effect produced is the best: the electric energy will be transferred to the treatment head to the maximum. The amplitude will also reach its maximum. In order to achieve this goal, this paper designs a DSP-based ultrasonic scalpel power control system. The system can not only adjust the resonance frequency of the ultrasonic scalpel in time, but also control the ultrasonic electric power. The full text is divided into six chapters. The first chapter is the introduction; the second chapter establishes the overall design plan of the system; the third chapter introduces the design of the system hardware circuit according to the functional modules; the fourth chapter is the system software design and development based on DSP; the fifth chapter is about the system The circuit and performance have done experimental testing and data analysis; Chapter 6 is the summary and outlook. The main work of this paper and related innovations include:

A model of the equivalent circuit of the ultrasonic transducer near the resonance is established, and the resonance frequency characteristics of the ultrasonic transducer are studied through experiments and Matlab simulation. (2) Designed and made the hardware control system of ultrasonic scalpel power supply based on DSP.

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