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How to improve the quality of surgical care?

Time:2020-09-10 08:40:27

Analyze and explore the impact of optimization of nursing process on improving the quality of surgical nursing. Methods: The operating bed optimizes the nursing process and compares the quality of surgical care before and after the optimization of the nursing process. Results: After optimizing the nursing process, the quality of nursing care in the operating room was significantly improved, and the incidence of nursing defects was significantly lower than before the optimization of the nursing process.

And patient satisfaction is significantly improved. Conclusion: Optimize the nursing process and establish patient-centered comprehensive, multi-faceted, and whole-process nursing, which effectively reduces the occurrence of surgical nursing defects and improves the quality of surgical nursing. As one of the components of hospitalized medical records of surgical patients, the writing and keeping of surgical nursing records has become a strong evidence for the inversion of the burden of proof by nurses in the operating room. However, the original surgical nursing record sheet in our hospital only contains items such as basic surgical care, inventory of items on the stage, and signatures of surgical nurses. The content is too simple to effectively provide an objective basis for all intraoperative nursing behaviors, and it is difficult to adapt to medical and health laws. New form of requirements. Therefore, from June to August 2009, the author aimed to analyze the deficiencies of the original surgical nursing record sheet, and the purpose was to analyze and summarize the use of the urological surgical nursing record sheet, in order to further improve and standardize the content of the surgical nursing record sheet. Methods A retrospective analysis of the clinical application of the surgical nursing record sheet in the urology department in the past two years, including the content of the surgical nursing record sheet, the filling of the record sheet, and the problems in use. Results The current surgical nursing records are detailed and easy to fill in, which can reflect the overall situation of the patient's treatment and nursing work during the operation. Conclusion The perfect and correct use of urological operation nursing records can positively promote the nursing quality of urological operation patients. By summarizing the common problems in the writing process of surgical nursing records, a large amount of data shows that bad writing habits and wrong description methods are the main reasons for the problems. This article elaborates on several aspects, trying to make it master the writing standard of surgical nursing record.

Enhance legal awareness and write surgical nursing records objectively and truthfully. Methods A total of 140 patients with endoscopic minimally invasive gallstone preservation and stone removal were randomly divided into observation group and control group with 70 cases in each group. The control group adopted routine surgical nursing cooperation mode.

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