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What is the number of fatigued operating room nurses?

Time:2020-09-08 11:27:29

Through the investigation of the fatigue status of nurses in the operating room, understand the current situation, explore the causes and influencing factors, and find out solutions to prevent further deterioration of fatigue and prevent the occurrence of chronic fatigue syndrome. Methods The FAI fatigue rating scale was used to survey 95 operating room nurses in two hospitals in Beijing.

Statistical analysis of the results obtained. Results The operating room of the obstetric bed was mainly female, and 85.26% were fatigued. Operating room nurses with fatigue are more fatigued than those without fatigue, and they have obvious situational specificity. Conclusion Fatigue is common among nurses in operating room. Age and mood can affect fatigue. Sufficient sleep, a good environment, doing happy and meaningful things, and maintaining a good attitude can alleviate fatigue. The management method of valuable equipment in the operating room effectively guarantees the quality of disinfection and sterilization and maintains the good operating performance of the equipment. Through the establishment and improvement of valuable equipment management files, specialized division management, special personnel responsibility, standardized training, establishment and improvement of cleaning and disinfection processes, comprehensive management of valuable equipment, the satisfaction of the use of surgical equipment has been improved, and the number of equipment repairs has been significantly reduced. The management level of valuable equipment. This study aims to establish a scientific, objective, and comprehensive performance evaluation index system for operating room nurses. Through the performance assessment of operating room nurses, their comprehensive quality can be comprehensively improved, and their work enthusiasm can be fully mobilized, so that operating room nursing work is scientific and efficient. To run. Methods: Based on the literature review, under the guidance of KRIF performance structure model theory and supplemented by analytic hierarchy process, this study uses qualitative research methods and expert group discussions to formulate preliminary evaluation indicators for the performance assessment of operating room nurses in the operating room, including Key Performance Indicators (KPI, Key Performance Indicator), Routine Performance Appraisal (RPA, Routine Performance Appraisal), Exceptional Performance Incidents (IPI, Irregular Performance Incident), and Future Performance Potential (FPP, Future Performance Potential) are four dimensions.

Using Delphi expert consultation method and Likert scaling method, the importance and operability of the preliminary formed indicators are evaluated. 41 experts in Hunan Province conducted consultation and argumentation, established the structure, connotation, evaluation method and weight of each index, and finally obtained the performance evaluation index system of operating room nurses in Hunan Province.

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